Writing Headlines and How to be King (Free Infographic)

Writing headlines, free infographic with actionable tips!

I created another free infographic, this time about writing headlines. It covers some of the basics of headline construction and suggests a few concepts to consider.

When crafting headlines it’s important to determine a goal, think of the emotions you want to play on, the format you want to use, and the most effective words to use.


writing headlines

Infographic Content:

Exemplary headlines:

  • “How to make $100 in 1hr”
  • “23 Free website tools”
  • “Want more pageviews? Try these tips to increase your traffic”

Tip: 8 of 10 people read headlines, but only 2 will click through (source: Copyblogger).

Determine headline goal

  • Impress new readers
  • Force click
  • Captivating read
  • Ulterior motive purchase or subscription
  • Impulse share

Select emotions to play on

  • Amplify
  • Question
  • Attract
  • Challenge
  • Curiosity

Proven title words

  • Ultimate
  • Huge
  • Smart
  • Science
  • Surprising
  • Critical

Proven headline structures

  • The secret of [blank]
  • Do [something] like [big brand name]
  • List Posts [7 ways to…]
  • Get Rid of [problem] once and for all
  • How to [do something] that gives [this benefit]





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