7 Emerging and Free WordPress Plugins of Fall 2013

emerging wordpress plugins

#1. WordPress Calls to Action Plugin

Plugin Author: David Wells

This may be the best plugin of Fall 2013.

David Wells and his team at Inbound Now have created what is arguably the top call-to-action WordPress plugin – best of all, it’s free.

This plugin makes it insanely easy to:

  • Create an effective call to action button
  • Direct the call to action to a landing page
  • Direct the landing page to a conversion form

Additionally, this plugin allows us to:

  • Create pop-up call to actions
  • Track and monitor conversion and click-through rates for our call to actions
  • Run A/B split tests with our CTAs in just a few clicks
  • Customize the entire design and implementation of our CTAs

Being able to measure people on the web is fundamental to any marketing strategy.

You can expect a more in-depth review of this plugin from me in the near future, stay tuned!

#2. Twitter WordPress Plugin Twine Social

Plugin Author: Nathan Elliott

twine social example

One of the newest Twitter WordPress plugins of 2013, Mr. Elliott and his team have crafted something truly beautifully.

So what exactly is Twine Social?

Quite simply, it gathers all of your social media content (pictures/videos/tweets/stats) and compiles it all onto one page.

With Twine Social we can:

  • Aggregate all of our social media into one place without getting our hands dirty
  • Filter out and/or group specific types of content
  • Responsive grid
  • Free and easy to embed

To get it set up, we just have to sign up for a free account with Twine Social. I think this is a very creative way to display social media messages and content.

This Twitter plugin is not just limited to Twitter, although categorized this way, it gathers content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, and RSS feeds as well!

#3. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

Plugin Author: Nitin Yawalkar

rich snippets example

Mr. Yawalkar has created a gem in the realm SEO WordPress plugins.

This free plugin takes care of the coding needed to optimize a page for search engine result pages.

With it, we can:

  • Create interactive snippets for our site
  • Include star ratings, reviews, people, products, recipes, events, apps, videos, and articles
  • Appear organized and professional in social media snippets as well, such as Facebook.

Some assets coming down the future pipeline are:

  • Breadcrumb support
  • Local business support
  • Book support

This ultimately helps boost CTR, SERP rankings, and the general perception/exposure of our site.

#4. Just Writing

Plugin Author: Greg Ross

dfwm example

Mr. Ross has upgraded the distraction-free writing mode (DFWM) to include additional functions, making it an all-around better experience for writers.

Essentially, this plugin makes DFWM truly distraction-free. If you’ve never used this feature, basically you’d have to exit out of it to make small changes, such as altering the paragraph style.

This usability WordPress plugin keeps us in DFWM mode, just as it always should have been.

#5. Metro Style Social Widget

Plugin Author: Manivannan M.

metro social example

This social sharing WordPress plugin is perfect for adding a bit of style to your site.

Made for the sidebar or a designated widget area, Metro comes packed with the social platforms we know and love, such as Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Plus, Pinterest, and our RSS feeds.

Customization is extremely simple. We can remove the networks we don’t want to show in just one click.

Additionally, this is a great accompaniment to any high quality social media content. For example, this career planning infographic by Vista College has social sharing icons along the left sidebar and a few additional ones in the top right corner.

#6. WooSidebars

Plugin Author: Woo Themes

woo sidebar example

Woo Themes recently created this sweet sidebar and widget WordPress plugin.

What does it actually do?

Well, let me answer that with another question. Have you ever wished you could show different widgets to your visitors based on the page they’re on?

This makes your content contextual.

In my opinion, this is a very powerful plugin to have in your toolkit, especially if you’re focusing on user experience and navigation.

Setting up a customized widget area is very simple and will surely help your site stand out from the norm.

#7. Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)

Plugin Author: Max Bond

This is another sweet sidebar and widget WordPress plugin.

Mr. Bond’s labors have allowed us to:

  • Increase opt-in/conversion rates for our CTAs
  • Increase promotion/exposure

Basically, we can create a CTA widget and make it sticky with this plugin. When users scroll down on a page the widget follows them.

This works efficiently to increase any of our CTA goals.

*Bonus* Secret Plugin Strategy to Impress Visitors

Well, this isn’t very secret, in fact, a good number of sites do this; however, many blogs and many of my friends don’t.

Things we’ll need:

  • The last two plugins: Woo Sidebar + Sticky Widget
  • A CTA and a follow-up CTA


  1. Create a sticky widget CTA, such as “Subscribe Now” or whatever is the most important CTA goal for new visitors. The CTA depends on your niche right? So even if you have a more serious/strict online presence, such as a litigation lawyer you’ll still want to influence visitor interactions, such as navigating to your contact page/form.
  2. Create another sticky widget CTA that you prioritize for people who subscribe, such as “Buy/Download my PDF”
  3. Write custom code in Woo Sidebars for a condition that checks if the user on all your pages is a subscriber. If they are, then you show them the 2nd stick widget.

The custom code will look something like this:

if (current_user_on_subscription(2)) {
execute code if user is subscribed to subscription plan with id 2

For more details on customizing this code, check out WP Life Guard.

What are your favorite recent WordPress plugins?

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  • Nice list mate !
    I’ve used all the plugins on my blog . The most impressive plugin was the fixed sidebar widget plugin . Though , i don’t use it now ..I’ll recommend this plugin to anyone who have monetized his/hers blog.

    • Thanks for the comment Pramod! The fixed widget is great – as you can see, I’ve been using it for my subscribe field :)

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