7 Steps to Crafting Crafty Social Media Messages

social media messages

So you want to harness the power of social media messages.

You want to influence social shares, sentiments, and comments. You want to transform followers into brand ambassadors.

But you don’t know where to start – or maybe, your content marketing efforts are just not working.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to take a breather and brush up on some  modern/emerging social media tactics.

Vine is this years fastest growing app, and according to the GlobalWebIndex, it has grown its audience by an estimated 403%!

vine stats

So you want to know how to craft some crafty social media messages. Let’s make sure we hit basics:

  • creating social media accounts
  • making friends and following people
  • sharing content

Yep, the basics. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably checked them all off. But here’s where things get a bit confusing – the point where our social media efforts feel futile.

  • we don’t control messages – let alone even think about them
  • we don’t have measurable goals
  • we don’t have enough time and resources

As a one or two person team, what do we have?

  • a will

Oh boy, please don’t say it…

When there’s a will, there’s Jesse’s 7 Steps to Crafting Crafty Social Media Messages

Smooth Jesse, real smooth…


These are quick and actionable tips to consider the various social media platforms you may or may not be using.

#1 – First, set your boundaries

How crazy are you willing to get? What are your social media limits? Are you representing a professional, suit-like brand or do you have the freedom to be awesomely hilarious like Poo-Pourri?

dining suites

Maybe you’re representing a very specific industry, such as Country Lane Amish Furniture  – this doesn’t mean you can’t get be strategic on social media, just check out their Pinterest page. They’re giving it a shot and have created categorical boards, making it easy for visitors to view sets and get ideas.

#2 – Secure a niche on Vine

As noted earlier, Vine is the hot social media gravy train right now. You make six second videos ranging from the hysterical to the baffling.

One of the tricks to a successful Vine campaign is observing the most popular Vines, and deeply thinking about why they’re successful. A lot of them are in the humor category but many companies have discovered a way to control their brand message by securing a niche.

This means brands create these short videos that promote their content without competing against anyone. Here is an example:

This is a video compilation of this brands’ Vine videos.

They are literally just showcasing their products – nothing more, nothing less.

But isn’t this exactly what makes it so successful? It’s free advertising, which helps drive sales.

It flaunts an instantaneous message, “this is awesome.”

#3 – Seduce fans on Facebook

Yes, wine and dine your Facebook fans. Take them out, show them a good time, and make them feel extra special  – all in the browser.

How is this possible?

Well figuratively speaking, the goal is to compel fans with content that keeps them on your brand path.

A brand path is the connection of a brands main website and all their social media extensions, such as Facebook.

newcastle facebook

This is brilliant.

I hit the share button within two seconds.

Then I proceeded to sift through comments and even navigated their website and searched for more instances of this image being shared across the web.

Social Media Messaging Exercise Time!

This message communicates to me:

  • Newcastle is just the right amount of funny and cool
  • I want a pint

What does this communicate to you?

#4 – Stylize your Twitter-speak

When we aren’t sharing the content of bloggers and friends in our network, are we still being active on Twitter?

I’ve had many DM (direct message) conversations with some  very cool bloggers and companies, as a result of stylizing my “Twitter-speak” to resemble…”drum roll please”….me.

We often forget that Twitter was made for having quip-like conversations and processing information faster (not simply automating everything).

By diving into your Twitter followers and sending direct messages or public conversations, you demonstrate your virtual identity as more substantial.

And this is very easy to do. Just talk to people like you would in a Facebook chat with a good friend. You’ll immediately stand out from the hoard of Twitter-bots that plague our Twitter-sphere.

Take it to the next level with craftiness – here’s what has worked for me:

If I write a very long, high quality article, I’ll be sure to include people that are active on Twitter. This validates my outreach.

“Hey Super-Cool-Person, I featured your awesome stuff in this thing, feel free to share it!”

That’s the general idea anyway.

#5 – Be a human on Google Plus

This one’s a no-brainer…man, my puns are on fire today!

Everyone keeps mentioning how we need to get on Google Plus and cites hundreds of reasons why it will impact our search rankings and visibility, etc.

And they’re right.

There’s no trickery in this tip.

Just get on Google Plus. Do it.

So many people have yet to make the transition.

Here’s the tip:

  • create specific circles based on the type of content people share
  • create content catered to those circles
  • tag them with “+[their name]” when you share the post if you cited them (which you should)

Keep doing this and your circles will reciprocate by sharing your content or tagging you!

#6 – Take the leap with Videos

Many of us (myself included) have not made the leap of faith into videos.

It DOES require a lot of time, resources, and basic video editing skills.

However, should we acquire any of this “fuel”, video should become a major priority.

One of the most popular messaging strategies I’ve seen is to:

  • pre-build your subscribers by reaching out to your current email list
  • asking them what type of content they’d like to see in a video series if you were to make one
  • for internet marketers, this generally manifests as “how-to” / instructional videos

Step it up a notch by putting a twist on your videos – something that separates you from being categorized as monotonous.

Simply wearing a funky hat could achieve this. Really, it’s the small things that affect content messaging.

#7 – Play with expectations

So we’ve got all of our social media channels running with sweet content and our followers have come to expect a certain level of “sweetness.”

We don’t always have to deliver.

What?!? Why would we ever disappoint them?

Let’s take a gander at one of my favorite internet bloggers/celebrities/gods; Allie Brosh

She recently hosted an AMA (a live Q/A) on Reddit, and I’d like to show you one of her insights:

allie brosh

Allie is confident in her abilities and the quality of her content. Additionally, her fans align with this.

So our expectations as fans are initially; everything she posts will be a big bundle of greatness. Although sometimes she will make rather short posts or have varied intervals between posts.

This actually enhances the receptiveness of her content, especially after a long wait.

Social media messages are not strictly the words we choose. This incorporates the sentiments and actions we’re influencing.

So, what are your favorite ways to craft crafty social media messages?

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Jesse Aaron

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  • Hey Jesse

    I’ve ventured into the world of Vine only once but I really enjoyed doing it. I’d seen Chris Brogan talk about it so I thought I’d give it a go. Maybe it’s time for me to be more artistic with it though!

    I tend to concentrate on Twitter and Google+ when it comes to social media. I’ve not seen great results from Facebook but that’s also because I’m not consistent with it. Facebook seems to take more work than Twitter and Google+ to get anywhere!

    Video’s something I’ve had as part of my blogging goals since the beginning of the year. Hmmmm, not achieved that one. I like the idea of wearing a funky hat though so I could combine the two soon.

    #7 is a surprise. I’ve always been of the mind that being everywhere, posting to a schedule and aiming to over deliver is the way to go. You could be right though. Shaking things up a little and doing different things may add a bit of spice to things, eh?

    • Vine is definitely one of those things we have to simply ask, “Do I have enough time to take this seriously?” Personally, I don’t haha – but I do enjoy watching the good ones :) Tim, if you started doing videos and rocked a funky hat that would be awesome! #7 was inspired by Allie Brosh, who I believe is one of the best bloggers AND internet marketers (she just doesn’t know it!) – if you’re fans expect 2 posts from you ever week but one week you don’t post anything, then the next week you post something HUGE, that might have really great results.

      Also, thanks for stopping by Tim, I appreciate it!

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  • Hi Jesse,

    Super tips! Being real or human seems to resonate with my friends. My message becomes more powerful by connecting with folks, promoting them and tossing in a dash of copy creativity along the way 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for the comment Ryan, that seems like the perfect friend-marketing combo and I’m glad it’s working out for you!

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