The Last 3: Social Media Post Benchmarks

the last 3

There are many different ways to approach a Facebook post. A company may make it informational, offering times and dates for upcoming events. Or it could be solicitous, asking fans’ opinions about this or that aspect of a particular industry. Sometimes, it’s even outrageous, with a crazy picture or funny story that’s designed to draw people in.

Whatever the approach, the goal for all company Facebook pages is the same: driving engagement. Here’s a look at three recent posts from five very different Facebook pages, which demonstrates how and why their engagement attempts work.

The North Face – Social Media Benchmark 1

The North Face is an outdoor/sporting company that targets active outdoorsy types. Their posts focus on the related aspirations of their merchandise, such as go-getters and conquests.

north face fb

The company’s first post cleverly uses a cute animal photo, always great for drawing people’s attention, with an announcement about its fall line. Animal welfare is a major issue for retailers who carry down jackets and by addressing the issue head-on, North Face can also head off controversy.

north face fb 2

The second post again uses an image, appealing to the outdoor enthusiasts who gravitate toward a brand like North Face. The use of a hashtag is a smart way to increase impressions, as Facebook can categorize content more accurately.

north face fb 3

This post got an impressive 23 shares and more than 1,000 “likes” by showcasing a fan of North Face, who shared a picture from his Instagram account. It’s a smart way of putting the spotlight on real-world customers.

Bored Panda – Social Media Benchmark 2

Bored Panda is a media company that aims to make people happy by spreading viral content. Its posts are upbeat, fun and visually entertaining.

bored panda 1

Because Bored Panda is a site about pictures, many of its posts have great photos, including this one showing a new mural in Belgium. People liked the picture so much, in fact, it was shared more than 1,130 times.

bored panda 2

People love holidays, even if they’re made-up holidays like National Lighthouse Day. Anytime you can hitch a post to one of these trendy “holidays,” you’re bound to get a lot of attention in part because people will be searching for anything to do with the day. This post about lighthouses got more than 4,000 shares.

bored panda 3

A remarkable story will draw people in every time. This incredibly touching post about a man with Alzheimer’s disease got more than 10,000 likes because it is so relatable; everyone understands how fragile life is.

Blanchard Machinery – Social Media Benchmark 3

Blanchard Machinery is a Caterpillar equipment supplier with multiple locations in the Carolinas. Its posts are aimed at customers with a need for heavy equipment.

blanchard 1

A pithy phrase or fun play on words will instantly draw attention to a post. Here, Blanchard combines that approach with a video, which is also an effective way to grab attention on Facebook. When someone scrolls past your video, it will start playing immediately, increasing the chances the person will stop and watch it.

blanchard 2

A great way to humanize your company is to post photos of your employees hard at work. In this post, Blanchard shows a typical workday, but also showcases the equipment available for sale and demonstrates the quality control put into each machine. The sheer uniqueness of the picture is also a good way to engage customers.

blanchard 3

Infographics are hot on social media. They combine information and visual appeal, and anyone who is interested in heavy equipment will be drawn in by this infographic. Plus, the infographic conveys a lot of information about the industry that’s not widely known, encouraging shares.

GiftWorks – Social Media Benchmark 4

GiftWorks is a provider of fundraiser software for nonprofits. Its posts convey lots of helpful information for those in the fundraiser and nonprofit business.

giftworks 1

See the word “free?” That’s a buzzword that catches the eye of potential customers or fans. Nothing speaks louder to someone scrolling through social media for information than a free resource. GiftWorks uses strong words to describe the free webinar, too, saying that it will help you “captivate” and “engage” constituents. That’s language that will convince someone to sign up.

giftworks 2

This post, also about the upcoming webinar, again emphasizes that it is free. It also gives details not only on the benefits of attending the webinar but also about who is giving it. Advertising ways to avoid mistakes is a creative way to get people to attend, because no one wants to make mistakes.

giftworks 3

It’s not always about promoting your own company. In this post, GiftWorks mentions two other businesses — Costco and United Way. It shares insights from them that will prove valuable to its core audience. It always helps to offer tips that your customers will find helpful, as it reflects well on your business acumen.

Jim’ll Paint It – Social Media Benchmark 5

Jim’ll Paint It is a Facebook Page for a digital artist who, you guessed it, will draw just about anything you can think of. His posts are irreverent, often not safe for work, and always cleverly illustrated.

jim 1

There is so much going on in this picture that it’s hard to tear your eyes away from it. Two dozen recognizable faces combined with lots of visual puns and the iconic National Geographic logo makes this a virtual feast for the eyes. No wonder it got more than 1,760 shares.

jim 2

This illustration really makes the point that Jim will draw anything. The image is funny, even if you don’t know who Lloyd Grossman is, and it underscores the fact that Jim is well versed in current events and politics, which draws in an upscale demographic.

jim 3

This is a classic Facebook tactic: Asking people to share a status for you, which helps disseminate your post far and wide, well beyond the more limited audience who has “liked” your page. Jim got 167 shares for what amounts to a commercial for his shop. Of course, it helps when that commercial features Wolverine in an amusing visual pun.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re a big company with a national audience or a small one with a very specific niche, there are many ways to engage your audience. Play around on Facebook, have fun and don’t forget the pictures. They’re a great way to capture attention.

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