Unlocking User Data With Social Login

unlocking user data

Most marketers already figured out how to leverage social media for reputation management and brand promotion. In other words, Twitter Hashtags, Facebook status updates, and LinkedIn Company Pages are no mystery to the majority of us. In fact, social media has become such a natural extension of any marketing strategy that it’s nearly impossible to talk about marketing without including social in the conversation.

Over the years, however, social media’s utility has evolved. While the social media of the past functioned solely as a brand engagement tool, today’s modern marketers are leveraging social to unlock actionable data on their customers, such as their profile photos, email addresses, friend graphs, and more.

As social media’s usage grows into a source of customer insight, marketers need to explore ways to extract valuable data on their socially connected users to integrate into loyalty programs, analytics, web experiences, and more. In other words, social should be used not only to boost customer acquisition and brand awareness, but to recognize, retain and reward loyal customers.

It Starts With Social Login

In order to seamlessly sign users in and capture social identity data, we recommend investing in social login, which lets users authenticate and log in to your web properties using their existing social identities. As users sign in via their existing social accounts, your business gains deep insights into their first party data, which you can use to personalize web experiences, marketing campaigns, and more.

Not to mention, the benefits of social login are enormous. We examined thousands of websites and mobile applications offering social login and discovered that social login increases user acquisition by an average of 33 percent. Moreover, socially logged in users view 66.7 percent more pages and spend 56 percent more time on average interacting with the site.

socially logged behavior

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Innovating with Social

With social login, brands have the opportunity to create custom, relevant and timely user experiences based on consumers’ unique social identities. Airline KLM, for example, allows flyers to log in socially and see the Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of other socially logged in users on their flights via its Meet & Seat program.

meet and seat

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By offering new ways for passengers to learn about one another through social media and incorporating social data capture technology such as social login to obtain valuable personal data on its customers, KLM dispels the flying experience that most consumers are familiar with while building a valuable knowledge base of its customers.

Using Social to Power Marketing

As social media continues to grow, it’s up to marketers to adapt to these developments by adopting creative ways to leverage the insights within social media that provide the granular, individual views of customers that they need to engage customers more deeply.

For more insight into collecting and putting consumer data to use, download the free white paper.

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