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You’ve heard of Goodreads, right? If you haven’t, head over to their site. It’s one of the fastest growing social media sites with 20 million users and 24 million reviews. So, what makes Goodreads so popular and why should you use it?

Goodreads Grows in Popularity

This small social media upstart was popular before Amazon bought it, but it has exploded since that March 2013 announcement. A firestorm of protests arose from authors who vowed to discontinue their relationship with Goodreads because of the purchase, but the site remains more popular now than ever before. That’s in part because of the social media aspect it provides users.

Take a look around the site, and you’ll find a variety of ways to connect with friends, colleagues and strangers. For starters you can:

  • Join a network
  • Start a discussion
  • Write a review
  • Find out more about a book before you recommend it to your followers and friends

With all these opportunities, more and more people are looking to Goodreads as a social media source. As CEO Otis Chandler noted, the number of book reviews, mobile growth and international expansion primarily caused the site’s growth both in the U.S. and abroad.

Why You Need to Join Goodreads

Knowing that Goodreads is growing in popularity may be enough to motivate you to use it. After all, you want to follow the latest trends and stay connected to friends. However, you’ll find other personal and business benefits too.

Strengthen your network.

Have you read a good book about parenting a child with Autismtraveling to Peru on a budget, or growing a sealcoating business in Harrisburg, PA ? Let your friends know and start a conversation about that book or relate the book’s primary message to something happening in your corporate or personal life. Your anecdotes offer something your audience needs, and you’ll discover they share more about their current book list or recommendations too.

Additionally, complete your profile and join a few groups. The groups offer invaluable connections and opportunities to network with others. Contribute to the conversation, ask questions and get involved in good reading.

Next, market your book, summer reading list (linking back to your site), or any product related to the discussion. Tell everyone about it, post excerpts of your book and ask for reviews. Those reviews are syndicated at USA Today, library-related sites and e-commerce sites, so they’re highly visible and valuable. Additionally, GoodReads reviews have a more valuable perception than Amazon reviews which are notorious for being “gamed.”

Third, promote your blog. Install the Goodreads widget on your website and blog page. Also, include a link to your blog when you write reviews, and include a link to your Goodreads page when you post book reviews on your blog. These options draws traffic to you blog and improves your visibility.

Finally, have fun. Isn’t that the point of social media? Strengthening your network, marketing your book and promoting your blog are beneficial. Yet, having fun is an important aspect of life too. So, read a book, write a review, connect with other readers and get a conversation started. Have fun and find out for yourself why Goodreads is a popular social media “must” today.


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