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Hi there – I’m glad you have an interest in joining the community here at Mashbout.

Let’s quickly look at why you may be considering a contributing to the social media marketing community here.

Why Become A Featured Author?

#1 reason: it’s mutually beneficial.

All featured authors receive full credit for their content and the additional benefit of growing with Mashbout.

Your posts get promoted on my personal Twitter, Google-Plus, Facebook, and Stumble Upon, helping increase your exposure.

Mashbout has a very low bounce rate and my readers are VERY engaged:

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What does Mashbout look for?

At just half a year old, Mashbout has rapidly gained the attention of fellow bloggers, social media heads, and internet marketers.

On average, a post on Mashbout will recieve at least 300-400 pageviews and at least 60 social signals after a few days.

Mashbout covers just about every popular topic, making it easy to share your expertise and opinions in any one of our niches!  Generally, Mashbout looks for quality posts that are helpful to our readers.  If you know how to write quality content with minimal errors and express thoughtful opinions – you’ll be the perfect contributor.

General Post Guidelines

  • At least 600 words
  • No affiliate, promotional, or evil links
  • Relevant links are allowed in the content and are do-follow
  • 1- 2 author bio links are allowed and are do-follow
  • Clear focus and no fluff – state your case, make your points, and back them up
  • Images are OK if they are OK to use (check the license first)
  • Respond to commenters


All content submissions WILL be checked for plagiarism with modern copy checking software.  If you write original/unique content, you have nothing to worry about!

Once you send it over, Mashbout has full rights to the content, but will always make sure you’re attributed for your work. Secondly, content will be edited appropriately (if necessary).

Still interested? Join the community and become a Featured Author

Simply send an introduction, topic suggestion, question, or comment to:

JesseAarone – at – with the subject line: “I want to contribute to Mashbout”

(If you’re sending the article first, please send it in the form of a Microsoft word document as an attachment, and I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP)

P.S. – If you’re interested in becoming a monthly contributor or a regular contributor, change the subject line to “I’d like to write regularly for Mashbout”

Looking forward to meeting you!