Free In-Depth Resource: SEO and PR Analysis

strategic comm resoruce

I’ve been working on putting together a little resource that analyzes modern strategic communication practices: SEO and PR.

This resource is free to download or simply view in your browser.

Here is a snippet on the synergy of SEO and PR:

Strategically increasing and optimizing mutually beneficial relationships with tactical and technical communication efforts.

Here is a snippet on the relationship of PR and SEO definitions:

What can we extract from all of these definitions?
Perceptive roles. If we browse around the archives of Moz and PRSA, we find everything the community believes their weapon is capable of. And, for the most part, they’re spot on. But something is missing.
What is the one thing that seems to elude all of the instruction manuals, strategy guides, and creative feature posts?
Authentically humble, realistic descriptions of why things worked for the readers market, not the writers market.
This is important for beginners and experts all together. Sure, we can strive to live by our industry’s best practices, but if we blindly accept everything experts say, we only learn from those who have reached success their way.

If you have any thoughts on:

  • The role of SEO today
  • The role of PR/online PR today
  • The blurred lines of SEO/PR
  • Inbound marketing as a separate marketing strategy
  • Emerging strategic communication tactics

Or general thoughts on the state of strategic communication, please share in the comments below – I’d love to continue this discussion.

Whether  your work or personal life takes you into the world of social media, marketing, or any related web experience, the future of strategic communication is full of tactical synergy.

Don’t forget to take a look at this free resource :)

strategic comm resoruce



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