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    Jesse Aaron
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    It gets you a friend!

    Yea that sounds corny but it’s true. I wrote an article about my favorite writers awhile back and two cool things came of it. First, Matthew Woodward linked to the write-up and thanked me, which establishes the base for a good relationship. Secondly, Gini Dietrich (my other favorite writer) has an awesome blog (Spin Sucks) that I’m not contributing to when I find the time. The Spin Sucks community is vibrant, active, and engaged.

    Thirdly, this works the other way. Charles Floate (see now I’m linking to him) mentioned a recent guide I wrote for Social Media Examiner on his GodofSEO blog. I was already aware of him as he’s made a number of big splashes in the SEO community (with longform guides and some very entertaining posts!) – plus, we both play the same computer game!

    My advice is: do not tunnel vision links.

    You can earn them by just being nice. Or being helpful. It sounds corny, but it’s viable and dare I say “scalable” tactic. Jeevan Jacob John of Daring Blogger is probably the most active and engaged blogger I’ve seen – definitely #1 in terms of real and thoughtful comments.

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    I didn’t realize that something like that would actually work! I am going to try it; should I go for the big name blogs or start small and work my way up?

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      Jesse Aaron
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      I would start by creating a Google/Excel spreadsheet and listing out all of the relevant industry sites you could benefit from, whether it be a link, mention, or feature article. Then simply organize them by priority – whichever sites you feel yield the most potential.

      If you have no prior connections then it’s a lot easier to start with smaller niche sites and work your way up.

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    This seems like a solid white hat strategy – going to bookmark this for my other accts.

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