What's the best way to get traffic to a new website?

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    Salina K.
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    Any ideas? We’re going to be a DIY boardgame site that features some of the games we’ve made and others as they find our site and share with the community. Our goal is to develop a tool on the site that makes it easy for people to plan out boardgames.

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    Jesse Aaron
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    Hey @salina here’s a quick blueprint for you:

    – Make a list of all boardgame related sites and forums. Start contributing there and making connections with their webmasters and mods.
    – Create a .ZIP file of all necessary media materials to send to these people you’ve made relationships with. You could also post this on your site and link to it. This makes it easy for anyone interested (especially writers) to quickly gauge and share what your site is about.
    – You should definitely have content prepared so set a goal of ‘X’ number DIY boardgame creators to interview/feature before your site goes live. These creators will surely want to share your site (their feature) with their peers.
    – Try sites like reddit and social sharing like StumbleUpon to help give these DIY creators more awareness.

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    Do promote your games on social media sites like Facebook. You have the great chance to make your games go viral if users find it great

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