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    I am a freelance writer and I have found that the most important concern of mine and many others that I talk to is time management. we all have our own writing quirks and the things that work for some may not work for all but time management is something that we can all agree on as far at techniques go. Feel free to share what works for you and we can bounce some ideas off of each other.
    I have found that staying up all night isn’t working any more for me. It used to, but staying up until 4 to get work done and then having to wake up at 7:30 makes me grouchy and not very focused the rest of the day.

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    Gloria Moore
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    I still stay up until 3 am in the “weird part of YouTube.”

    I have a new music blog and after I start going through new songs to post I end up clicking on recommended videos. Then all of a sudden I’m watching the most epic fails of 2013 or something like that. Every. Single. Time.

    I should just blacklist youtube all together haha

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    Jesse Aaron
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    Dang, I recently read a post on Medium about this…or maybe it was a link on Hacker News – anyway it was about a programmer who dubbed himself and fellow coders as “night warriors.”

    Profession definitely has a role in how you can manage your time. On the other hand, there are countless books and “experts” who pretty much just suggest breaking up your day into bits. ie; work 1hr, stretch 15min, work 2hrs, lunch 30mins, work 1 hr, stretch 15min, work 2hrs, etc…

    Planning your day in advance helps you get started faster. If you can estimate how long tasks might take that should help you manage your time better with more accurate planning.

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