They Very Basics of SEO

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    Search engine optimization is a bit like posting billboards on the highway to let people know where your business is. You have to advertise where you are located in order to draw people in. And the same is true on the web.

    SEO is essentially another form of erecting billboards. It alerts the search engines to your presence and helps people who are interested in your product find your website. Like erecting and planning a billboard, it can take considerable work and precision. And it’s incredibly important to stay abreast of current SEO best practices, to make sure you are getting everything you can out of your efforts.

    Want to learn more about SEO? I put together 3 short posts that should help any greenhorn get started and grasping the very basic concepts of SEO:

    How sites and pages rank in search engines
    The importance of links and how to build links to your site
    The importance of keywords & How to do keyword research

    And if you have any questions please feel welcome to post / msg me!

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