The Importance of Links and How to Build Them

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    Links are a huge part of this popularity contest. Think of them as votes. The more links to your site you can amass, the more people are voting for your site as a trusted resource. Of course, it is also important that those links come from trustworthy sites.

    One of the keys to SEO is finding ways to get those trustworthy links. There are several methods you can use, but here are three of the most common.

    1. Writing great content people naturally want to link to. If you have smart, high-quality information on your site, people will link to it without your asking.

    2. Outreach, which involves reaching out to other sites and asking them to publish a blog with a link to your site or include you in a directory.

    3. Self-created links that are not of editorial nature. This means commenting on blogs, forums or guest books. This is considered the lowest form of link building, with the least amount of return. In fact, you can be labeled a spammer for engaging too aggressively in this tactic.

    There are other ways to get links, too. Request them from your customers. Get your product in the news. Or try to get a piece of content to go viral via social media.
    One link-building strategy you should avoid: Paying for links. This practice went out of vogue a few years ago, when Google really began cracking down on black-hat SEO tactics. If your site is found to be employing these tactics, you could get banned from the search engine, which is essentially web suicide.

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    Roger Harris
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    I know a lot of websites that pay for links. I ghost-write a lot of content and it’s always funny when someone requests strange links to be included because I know exactly what they’re doing. I think the biggest problem about paying for links is there is no thought/value to it. I’ve seen more “strategic” methods bypass Google’s binoculars of justice.

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    Thanks, Cranky for publishing this.
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    Prem Evolve
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    Hello everyone
    Link building is most important part of SEO. Link building can be done in many ways :-
    your keyword=your anchor text
    using a href html code:-
    your keyword
    using url:-
    [url=your website]your keyword[/url]
    using URL:-
    [URL=your website]your keyword[/URL]
    using link:-
    [link=your website]your keyword[/link]
    [your keyword](your website)
    for wiki sites:-
    [your website your keyword] .
    There are many ways to link building that I know.
    best regards

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    Krishna kanth
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    Hello Mate,

    Thanks for explaining how links are important and how to build them. As a part of SEO Link building is very important and building quality links are most important.

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    Yes Link is important Part for improve your Ranking in search engine you need learning about off page Seo technique for Link Buliding

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