The Importance of Keywords and How to Do Keyword Research

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    The Importance of Keywords

    When you go to Google, how do you find the information you want? You type in a query you hope will lead you to that info. So, for instance, if you want to replace a sauce pot, you might type in “best ceramic cookware.” Then the search engine will spit back all the results that register with those words.

    The words you want to target in search are called keywords, and they are the basis for your SEO strategy. The key to getting the results you want from a search is targeting the right keywords, because ideally your site will begin to surface higher in the rankings when people look up those words. You will need to pepper those keywords and keyword combinations across your site and in your tags to get picked up by the Google bots that crawl your site.

    To figure out the magic combination of keywords takes research, a special SEO skill within itself.

    How to Do Keyword Research

    Keyword research is a combination of several different things.

    You need to figure out which keywords are not only applicable to your site but also popular in searches but don’t have a ton of competition for hits. So, for instance, if you sell Mustang parts, you may not want to use something so general as “car parts” in your query. You will want to be more specific, such as “2015 Mustang parts,” so that you face less competition for your keywords.

    Plus, you will want to look at which competitors rank well for your keywords. See who is ranking to them and figure out whether you can tweak your keywords to stand out.

    Keep in mind that the more specific the query, the more likely it is the customer is ready to buy.

    Specificity reflects intent. You may look up “car parts” when you are browsing, but you look up “best price on 2013 Mustang GT mods” when you are ready to purchase the part. By using so-called long-tail keywords such as this, you increase your chances of a conversion.

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    social kinnectors
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    Brand keywords, Long-tail and niche keywords are very useful.

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    Mangat Singh Dhiman
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    We have 3 types search keywords in Keywords Planner broad, exact, phrase match keyword.

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    Krishna kanth
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    As a SEO point of view the keywords are very important and researching the correct keywords is also important. keyword is nothing but a search query where user serches in search engine.

    Keeping users in mind we have to select the keywords, using long tail and niche keywords are very important. First understand the business for which business you want keywords and then related keyords you select for that specific business and also see for what keywords your competators are also ranking for.
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