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    Jesse Aaron
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    A popular onsite SEO strategy is to target high competition keywords and optimize pages entirely for that keyword, as opposed to a keyword group.

    For example:

    – I wrote this article: which targets a keyword group. It pulls in about 2,500 monthly visitors for most of the header terms (make money social media networks facebook advertising celebrity partnerships etc…).

    – Alternatively, I could have broken that post into 5 or 10 smaller posts, each optimized for just one keyword (such as “how to make money with facebook advertising”).

    Many sites neglect dedicated pages because they’re time consuming and can be confusing, redundant, and misplacing for visitors. However, the benefits of ranking higher and pulling organic/targeted relevant traffic can outweigh this tiny ripple in user experience flow.

    Yoasts SEO plugin generally gets dedicated pages in good shape, but there are tiny facets, such as extended content with keywords that help. Think customer reviews/testimonials, product descriptions, walk-thorough, interviews, tutorials, and how-to guides.

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    Good example. I’d recommend building tiered links to these pages for that initial boost – your “search engine judgement” that determines how relevant/quality your page is.

    If you want to keep things white hat/clean then tap into your community prior to publishing the post. Make sure you have an email blast ready for when you hit publish and start promoting it within your network.

    For more black hat stuff, PBNs and Parasite Pages are most effective right now.

    On a side note: you should add more categories to the SEO forum so we can differentiate white/gray/black hat tactics.

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    Mangat Singh Dhiman
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    You should beat he competition. SEO take patience and dedication to see the results.

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    Jesse Aaron
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    Thanks man. Yea I’d like to keep this topic white hat but you make a good point. I’ll add those categories now.

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