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    Hey all,

    Here’s a quick recap of some recent, albeit “light” drama. From the general user persepctive, you haven’t really missed much.

    First this announcement was released:
    – RES, a 3rd party tool, used to show the ratio of upvotes/downvotes on comments. This update made that information inaccessible, so many users of RES (~1 million).
    – Vote fuzzing used to be implemented on every submission, which gave users and advertisers a false ratio of upvotes/downvotes. That has been completely removed and now submissions accurately show ratios.
    – The controversial sorting option was improved.

    In response to RES users not being able to see the ratio of upvotes/downvotes, reddit admins pushed a new change to help show when comments are controversial. You can read about that announcement here.

    I wrote a full recap on MSB here.

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