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    Why does reddit intimidate so many marketers? It still baffles me.

    If you know how any forum works – the social norms and rules/guidelines for content, there’s no difference when considering a subreddit.

    – They’re topical
    – They have active users
    – Users have expressed explicit interest in a specific topic

    Let’s keep things simple – this is all you need to know.

    Pick a subreddit that your website/client aligns with. Sort the content by “top” and “all time” – this shows you the best performing submissions (links and discussions). The results might show:
    – Funny memes perform best
    – Discussions and stories perform best
    – Links to breaking news perform best

    What’s your job?

    Replicate the best performing content in a unique way – a way that adds fresh value to the subreddit. Don’t sell anything. The goal is traffic generation, not selling a product. If you try to sell, you lose. Only in rare scenarios, like the Bridgford Jerky event or when a glass blower shares his dying business, is it acceptable to submit a promotional product post – there has to be a pre-existing demand for it so it’s apparent that you are offering a solution/helping someone, as opposed to blatant marketing.

    Anyway, back to replication. It’s like 1/2 replicating, 1/2 creative twist. Do this a few times over a week and you’ll get a nice little traffic boost, some new subscribers, and more leads.

    Alternatively, for more extensive campaigns, you can create self-serve ads to generate leads. I wrote a lengthy piece about this on Social Media Examiner (link here).

    Questions? Fire away!

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