Promo Tip #5: Contests and Discounts to Boost SM Traction

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    Contests and Discounts

    Think about it from the customers’ perspective. If the person managing your pages is not incredibly hilarious or creative – something that isn’t easy to do without taking the chance of offending someone at some point – then exactly what incentive do they have for following your brand on social media?

    The answer is a quid pro quo of sorts. If your page frequently gives discounts to followers, more and more people are likely to join. Not only will it increase your audience, but it also will reward customers who already are on board and will create a greater sense of community.

    Another great way to generate buzz is to hold contests with something brand related as a prize. To get double your money, consider making the contestants have to share your page with so many people or get so many retweets of a brand related hashtag to win the prize. Not only will customers feel engaged, but they’ll also do a lot of free advertising for you.

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