Promo Tip #1: How to promote a brand with Hashtags

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    Using hashtags is probably the second most obvious route to take after begging for likes on Facebook. But effectively using hashtags? That’s a little rarer and a whole heck of a lot more valuable for your brand.

    If you’re new to Twitter, hashtags are used to group tweets together. If you tweet #socialmediabranding your tweet will be grouped with all other tweets using the same tag. If a hashtag gets popular enough, it is listed as trending. If you tweet something good with a trending hashtag, it has the potential to be retweeted and seen by many people. If you get your brand name trending, congratulations, you’ve won social media branding.

    Just saying something about your brand and throwing a trending hashtag on the end of a tweet isn’t really an effective way to get the word out though. At best, your business has a great chance of drowning in a sea of similarly vapid tweets. At worst, you totally misunderstand what the hashtag means and cause some minor outrage, forcing you to do your best imitation of the now famous apologizing pizza :

    Instead, try checking out a site like this to get a sense of what some trending hashtags are that would be relevant to your brand. Then read through some tweets that use the tag to make sure you understand it before you associate it with your name.

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