Never Underestimate a Great Testimonial

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    Just because your focus is on delivering content, doesn’t mean you should forget tried and true PR strategies, such as displaying testimonials. They are especially useful if you offer advice, exclusive material or you aid others through your content. Expert and customer testimonials will show folks who are on the fence that you’re reliable and trustworthy. These days, trust is an invaluable resource, especially in the content marketing world. With so many illegitimate blogs and websites out there, plenty of false information is floating around, and you don’t want to give off the impression that you’re part of that problem.

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    ^ this so much.

    “Testimonial-bait” is the term I think. I can’t find the exact study (I’ll keep looking) but it pretty much said that any potential buyer who read a testimonial they felt was genuine was 3x more likely to purchase the product – and sometimes it didn’t even matter if the product was directly benefiting them (such as a guy buying lipstick; he’s convinced that this lipstick will earn him transitive benefits after giving it to his wife/girlfriend/etc.)

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