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    I wrote about this in-depth last month (check it out if you have a chance!) – about ranking on the first page of google without any link building.

    To expand on this article, I wanted to just show a screenshot of how the “top 10 songs” format worked overtime again. I still rank first page & top 4-5 spots for “songs to wake up to”. I tried going for the variant: “calming songs to sleep to”. Here are my results over the past few months:

    If you look at the category in the navbar “Mashups” and click on “Songs” in the dropdown, you’ll see about 7 posts that I’m trying out this strategy with. It hasn’t worked for all of them – remember, I’m not link building at all with these posts – this is purely basic on-page SEO that’s aligned with Google’s recommendations. And yes, the competitors for these terms are super authoritative (ie: Huffington Post).

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    Interesting! I could see this being twisted for other things like “10 videos to [keywords/phrases]” or “10 tips to [keywords/phrases]”

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