Internal linking frequency – how much is too much?

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    Jesse Aaron
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    For every article I post here I’ve never internally linked more than 3 times. Sometimes I completely forget (I know there’s a few WP plugins that do it automatically).

    But if we look at a site like or WikiHow, their internal linking gets up to 7-10 per post, sometimes more! I went through 20 posts on About to do a rough average of internal link counts per page – I got 3-6 internal links for the main post area + 5 extra internal links in Must Reads that append to every post. And this isn’t even counting the plethora in the footer and sidebar.

    How much is too much though?

    Is it only worth increasing the amount of internal links after you DA increases? So every DA increase you maybe add an additional internal link per post to flow more internal juice?

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    Gloria Moore
    Gloria Moore
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    Wow I didn’t know there was a standard for internal links. I only link to other pages when I think it’s relevant. Does this actually help my site if I put more internal links? Does the anchor text make it more effective?

    (sorry I’m pretty new to the onsite stuff)

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    I can answer this.

    Internal linking should be a standard for you.

    You should have a keyword tree that you can reference for anchor text. You have a music blog right? Then your keyword tree should have the genres and sub genres – i.e; rave, electronic, techno, downtempo, uptempo, dubstep, etc…

    Then grab an internal linking plugin if you have WordPress – if not you might have to do this manually. Basically you just upload your keyword tree with the URLs for each anchor text and whenever you type “rave” it will be linked to your rave page.

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    Mangat Singh Dhiman
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    Links not more value if it in sidebars, footer or outside the body of the page.

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    Taniya Watson
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    Thanks for sharing valuable information. Internal links are important in any web page but it should be in limit.

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