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    Any informative blogs that are written have images to attract the attention of its targeted readers. Without images it will not be interesting for any readers. As we also know the vital role that Content Marketing plays in the world of Digital Marketing, hence it is imperative to improve on the visuals to reach and interest a larger audience. Here are some of the reasons why images are important for content marketing:
    • It increases the viewership of the articles by almost 94%.
    • Content with images gets about 18% more clicks and 89% more engagement than the rest.
    • Images give personality to your brand.
    Few ways how you can improve the visual content of your articles:
    • The images you use should be highly optimized to make it effective to reap the benefits of content marketing.
    • You should use one image after every 75-100 words as this will help to attract more shares across all platforms.
    • It is always advisable to use image at the top of the article or post.
    • Choose images that are vibrant, colourful, and bright as this will immensely increase customer engagement.
    • To get the benefit of branding try to incorporate images that suits well with your brand colour.
    • You should always use images which is a mixture of fun and information to increase viewership and engagement.
    • Use key words to optimize the images to rank higher on SEO.
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    These tips are helpful for my social media content. Thanks for sharing.

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