How to Choose Good Email Marketing Service That Would Fit Your Business Needs

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    How to choose the right email marketing platform is a big question for anyone serious about their marketing activities. The choice determines your sender reputation, the success of your campaigns, and the eventual profit. Moreover, although we say “email marketing platform”, the term covers way bigger functionality: additional communication channels (Web Push, Mob Push, SMS), omnichannel workflows, wide analytics, website recommendations, pop-ups, social media integration, mobile marketing.

    1. How flexible are the pricing plans and what do I pay for?

    Prices you see the first thing on the site may not be what you need to pay in the end. Your company is constantly evolving: you launch new communication channels, your subscriber base is growing, you start using new external data sources or CRM, etc. That’s why it’s important to choose not the cheapest digital marketing platform but the one with flexible pricing that can be customized to your current business needs.

    2. Can I test the system?
    You definitely don’t want to buy without seeing. And the only way to see the system is to register for a trial period and test it on your own. Feedback and testimonials are also worth checking, but they give only a general idea of what to expect.

    During the test period, however, you can learn the following:

    – How convenient and understandable the interface is;
    – How support works;
    – Whether support articles are clear and comprehensive;
    – How integration is configured;
    – How data is transferred to the system;
    – How to build workflows;
    – What other functionality features there are: segmentation, additional communication channels, omnichannel workflows, mobile marketing, website recommendations, Artificial Intelligence;
    – What additional tools the current ESP lacks you may need in the future.

    3. Does the functionality fit my business needs?
    You don’t need the system with a thousand solutions; you need a digital marketing software with solutions that help your company communicate with customers, meet your marketing goals and generate profit.

    4. What integrations are available?

    You may need to integrate with external parties for different reasons:

    – To transfer contact data;
    – Send order information;
    – Confirm payment;
    – Send event from a CRM;
    – Import analytics.

    The most common tool for integration of a site or CRM with an email marketing service provider is API. Using it, you can transfer any parameter in the request body.

    Third-Party Services
    An EPS can have integrations with third-party services, for example, Zapier (to connect the ESP and another platform with which there is no other integration) or Google’s BigQuery (to import or export contact data).

    Most CMS and CRM can have ready plugins for integration, but you still need to clarify this question, as well as to find out whether they are supported by your ESP.

    A proper data transfer is essential to take full advantage of the ESP functionality. The absence of integration is one of the main reasons for the inefficiency of marketing, and you need to make sure from the start that you won’t face it.

    Even with the most user-friendly service, you invest much time and resources when getting started. So don’t miss out on important points because migration to another service (in case you make a poor decision) will be even more time-consuming.

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