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    Searching the web is no small feat. According to Google, it is made up of more than 60 trillion individual pages, and that is growing every day. Google indexes and keeps track of those pages by “crawling” the web with its spiders, which follow each link to find what’s at the other end. These links are then made into an index, which measures more than 100 million gigabytes.

    But there are variables to these findings. Google is constantly writing and updating algorithms that help it search more effectively for the information being sought in a query. An algorithm also tries to anticipate what information you are looking for. Say you misspell the word “Mississippi” in a query; Google will figure you made a typo and look up the correct word. Or it may try to fill out your request as you type, to show you what other people have had success in their searches.

    Google ranks the results based on more than 200 criteria, including:

    • Freshness of the information
    • Quality of the site and page
    • Safeness of the page
    • User context
    • Translation
    • Previous search results

    Getting your page to show up high in these results is the key to search engine optimization. It’s highly desirable to be among the first few results, because most people don’t look through the pages and pages of information that is returned. They will scroll through the top few and then move on.

    Thus Google is a lot like a popularity contest. It shows you what people before you have clicked on and what others are linking to.

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    Gautam Sharma
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    There are more than 200 signals through which google see a website and try to give it a rank. The most important is your content – the more useful your content the more are your chances of getting a higher rank. The other most useful points are backlinks from authority websites of your niche. So there are many signals on which google weighs your website. As a SEO Expert in India, I have realised the more you improve the user experience for your website. and focus on creating quality backlinks, the more your website will rank higher and higher.

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    Naveen Kumar
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    There was a time when ranking your site and pages was a simple task to do. Not much efforts were required to rank your website. Put some keywords in your content, use those keywords again and again, build spammy links, and you are done!
    That was the case few years back, But after Google coming into existence with its updates, people are facing hard time to rank their web pages organically.

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    Aaron Miller
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    Everything you do is related with your content, because if the content is not good no one is really gonna like it. But then comes how it competes with its competitors on google. For that you will have to plan best digital marketing strategies for your business and beat your competitors looking into what they are doing and how to rank higher than them. Being top ranker on google requires SEO planning and its performance. If you don’t know anything about it you can hire professionals, one of my favorites are Onters, they are very professional and i really had a very good experience with them because the results i got were very genuine and my ranking hiked. You can definitely give it a try.

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