Episode 1: Facebook Advertising Case Study

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    Jesse Aaron
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    This is going to be snippet-style case study for a Facebook Advertising campaign I’m running.

    This is for a site that hosts webcomics and runs high quality articles.

    Week 1
    Day 1 – Day 8

    – I started off cautiously with $1/day max bid for website clicks. I created 3 ad images and defined a target audience of 200,000. Unfortunately, after $8 in the hole, I had only received 2 clicks and 1,400 impressions. This is a pretty terrible CTR so I paused the campaign.

    – Now, I just defined a new audience with a new campaign, at $2/day for hyper-targeted users. Basically I scraped the user IDs of 5,000 people who have an explicit interest in similar webcomics and imported them directly into the campaign.

    -I will report back for week 2 with the results!

    Feel free to ask questions about this campaign and case study or offer your own tips. If you have any experimental ideas let me know and I’ll mix them in.

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    Roger Harris
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    This sounds awesome Jesse. What’s the status on Episode 2?

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