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    Just would like to share a few useful content writing tips able to improve your email marketing strategies. Don’t hesitate to check eSputnik and find more info about email automation and try this tool for free.

    What Makes a Good Newsletter: Effective Practices

    Good email newsletters must be informative and up to date. There are many reasons to get in touch with your readers:

    – Weekly or monthly digest.
    – Updates on blog posts, YouTube videos, and recent events.
    – Personalized how-to recommendations and instructions. Consider adding to such emails some elements of animation: as they say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Moreover, GIFs can save space and avoid lengthy descriptions.
    – Upcoming corporate events. Planning to hold a conference or webinar and think your subscribers can be interested? Send them a smart email invitation, including all the necessary information: the event program. announced topics and speakers, time and location, etc. With the help of the newly introduced AMP technology, you can now let people RSVP to an event straight in the email body, without downloading extra pages.
    – Contests and challenges.
    – New products or services.
    – International and local holidays.

    How to Design a Good Email Newsletter
    – Sender. A sender name is the first thing people see when they receive an email, and it determines whether it will be open to a great extent. Newsletters can be sent on behalf of the company or a company’s employee, for example, a customer service manager (using a corporate domain, of course). The latter option makes emails more personal and lets your recipients see there are real people behind your campaigns.
    – Subject line. You have just a few words to convince the recipient your email is worth reading, and so they should be organized with extra accuracy.
    – Header. It has to contain your logo and corporate colors and fonts to promote brand recognition. The image should be associated with what the reader will find inside. Try not to overlay it with too much wording, as cluttered images look messy and not appealing.
    – Body. Think over an easy-to-read structure: organize text in short paragraphs and provide them with visual and audio support. Since a newsletter is more about information than entertainment, it most likely contains much text, which yet doesn’t mean it should be boring and monotonous: images, photos, GIFs, rollover effects, video – try every format and see what suits your style most.

    Hope these rules will help you to improve your email marketing. If you have some other secrets and tips for improving email campaigns, don’t hesitate to share them with me.

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    Alex G
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    Great information indeed, hosting contests and sending emails on holidays are excellent ideas and a good news letter is necessary to get customers attention.
    I’d like to add few points

    -> CRM (customer relationship management): Good CRM keeps customers interested in emails and helps to decide email sending frequency.

    -> Autoresponders
    -> Occasional emails (welcome emails, birthday wishes, cart abandonment)

    this is the part of the CRM

    Many Email marketing software that offers emails automation tools and beautiful email marketing templates compatible with mobiles.

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    Hi Keiko,

    Thanks you for sharing your thoughts, this will be very helpful for many.


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    You’re welcome!

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    Hello Keiko, Thanks for sharing such an useful strategies about Email Marketing.

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    sanjana mishra
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    Email marketing is the best way to promote your business products & services and let people know about this. A good email newsletter is the one that provide some value to the readers. Always write an informative and high-quality content in order to attract more and more visitors to your website.

    You can simply make use of various email marketing software to send bulk emails at a time.

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