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    I see a lot of freelance writers often relating their challenges of charging “too much” or “too little” for their services.

    This is the bottom line:

    – The minimum you charge should be the minimum you need to sustain your life.
    Increase the cost by the value you think your work and quality is worth, based on your previous client experiences. If 8/10 clients are thoroughly impressed you might be under-selling yourself. If 1/10 clients is impressed, you may be over-selling.
    – Charging by the hour vs. by the project? A popular thing to do is grab a free time management software to track time and log your billable hours. Alternatively, if you know a 2,000 word article is worth $500, but you charge $45/hr and finish it in 3hrs, then you’re missing out on a lot of profit. My advice? Do both. Have hourly accounts on Freelancer (or your preferred freelancing service webiste) and have your own personal website that has packaged deals.

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