E-Books Are Often Overlooked

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    The Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play and many other digital marketplaces allow writers to publish their content to millions of global readers. Don’t fall into the trap of believing you have to deliver thick novels, either. E-books can be as short – or as long – as you need them to be. You could even use an e-book as an exclusive content piece for premium customers.

    That said, be sure to provide useful and informative information in your e-book and back up all your claims with legit stats, facts, sources and quotes. You can still harm your reputation if you don’t invest the right amount of time proving you’re trustworthy.

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    This is definitely true but I think in some niches E-books are almost a necessity for establishing credibility when all your competitors have these super personalized pages and their E-books have endorsements from “authority” figures.

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