Can you guess the most distrusted news sites?

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    FOX News is the easily the most controversial and distrusted news source that comes to mind when I think about sources I do not trust.

    PEW research interview 2901 people on the web and had them rate their sources. Here are the top 15 most distrusted news sites:

    Distrust of News Sources – % of respondents saying they distrust each source

    Rush Limbaugh Show – 39%
    Fox News – 37%
    Glenn Beck Program – 24%
    MSNBC – 22%
    Sean Hannity Show – 21%
    CNN – 20%
    NBC News – 19%
    Daily Show – 18%
    ABC News – 17%
    CBS News – 17%
    Huffington Post – 17%
    New York Times – 17%
    Al Jazeera America – 16%
    Colbert Report – 16%
    Yahoo News -16%

    While I was not surprised to see FOX News or Glenn Beck at the top, the data is clearly skewed by liberals. For starters, 400 more participants were categorized as liberal, while over 800 classified as mixed. This left only 800 to represent conservatives out of the 2,900. Ultimately this means about 2/3 will shun FOX, Glenn beck, MSNBC, and Rush Limbaugh, because they are either liberal or mixed – it’s the mixed that will still distrust conservative favorites rather than distrust liberal favorites. Why? Because it’s majority appeal. The NYT is rarely going to be distrusted by someone who is mixed, while FOX is much more likely.

    Fortunately, when it came to trustworthiness BuzzFeed ranked at just 2%. Thank god that holds true.

    What do you guys think? Which news sites do you trust / distrust the most?

    • This topic was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by  Jesse Aaron.
    • This topic was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by  Jesse Aaron.

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