4 Reasons Why You Should Include Bing For Your SEO strategy

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    Whenever we talk about a search engine, the first platform that hits our mind is Google. Although Google accounts for almost two third of the internet searches, but what we never realize is that there is still one third of the search which happens on other search engines apart from Google. Now what we are about to tell you here could take you by surprise. Next to Google is Bing where the second most searches takes place globally. Bing accounts for almost 23.7% searches around the globe. Adding Bing to your SEO strategy could be a masterstroke for the following reasons:

    • As majority of the SEO strategies target Google, hence there are high possibilities that you will face a lower competition if you include Bing in your SEO strategy and planning. This will help you to rank higher in search results with lesser competition and in a shorter span of time.
    • Traffic from Bing has a better conversion rate. There are many observations from various marketers which prove the point that leads from Bing converts better than Google. Many results point to the fact that Google has a conversion rate of 16.5%, while Bing ranks higher with nearly 20% conversions.
    • Bing is more Pro-SEO and hence SEO for Bing is much easier and is more open and provides leverage on the ranking factors.
    • The indexing algorithm for Yahoo and Bing are quite similar and as figures prove that Bing and Yahoo together account for nearly 35% searches. Hence with a similar SEO strategy you will be able to target Yahoo and Bing together.

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    Hi Carter, Thanks for sharing such an important and useful information.

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    Brack Nelson
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    Use Title Tags – More weight is given by Bing to title tags than by Google, so you should ensure your title tags contain relevant keywords. Page Authority – Bing prefers site authority to backlinks and therefore, older domains are more likely to rank better in Bing. I came across this informative blog https://neilpatel.com/blog/a-simple-guide-to-bing-seo/.
    It simply guides to bing SEO that should read its really helpful.

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