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Massive New Year update!
As for the bad news we have only one to share – amount of trial days has been reduced to 2. That’s all for the bad news.

Awesome news!
Direct Marketing
One-on-one conversation is the best selling tool. So we have created this feature that lets you send DMs to all new followers, to your followers matching filter rules you specify or just using your own list. It allows you to:

1. Send welcome message for all new followers
2. Send messages using filters
3. Send messages using your list of accounts

It’s an great selling for businesses and a way to build better involvement for others. With proper strategy it get more followers on Instagram.
This feature also has 2 days free trial.

Here is a screenshot:
Automated Direct Messaging in Instagram

This module is separate and you can have it without other NoWorriesBot functionality.

Pricing Model

Our pricing model have changed completely as well.
We reduced our prices forever.

Promo – $13/month
Direct – $16/month

Larger payments cause bonuses:

You are always welcome at noworriesbot site if you need to boost instagram followers and likes or send them selling messages.