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Jesse Aaron
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Hi francis. That’s a great question, especially now the recent overhaul Google Analytics has experienced.

I would say there are 3 levels of using GA:

Beginner – If the official Google Analytics videos are too confusing, I would recommend just diving into the dashboard cold feet. Look for these tabs on the left side: Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior. For now, you ignore everything else. Browse around each tab to see where your visitors are coming from, demographic information about your visitors, and how they interact on your site. This will show you which pages/articles are most popular on your site, and which pages/articles earn the most organic & referral traffic.

Intermediate – Assuming you’re accustomed to the basics, now is the time to assign monetary values – conversion goals. For example, if a visitors downloads one of your PDFs, how much are they worth to you? $1, $5, $20? This can be determined by averaging the number of people who download pdfs and the amount of money they eventually spend on your site. If you have an eCommerce site, than GA has a pretty easy-to-follow walk-through of setting up relational price points and conversion reports.

Advanced – Create custom profiles, each with custom dashboards and filters. Create tracking parameters to capture more traffic and referral information from content marketing efforts. I wrote a technical piece on doing this precisely for an infographic on Business2Community (link here).

If you have any more questions feel free to ask – I’m happy to help!