Case Study: 13,000% Increase In Traffic

poopourri traffic increase

Alright, I haven’t seen anyone else in my circles attempt to review this yet, so here it goes…


I know what you’re thinking – “Is that safe for work?”

Yes. Completely.

PooPourri is the viral video marketing sandstorm that has recently swept the web.

Now I know I’m using a lot of words  that are pretty indicative of exaggeration, but rest assured, I’m being completely serious.

This is a recent news snippet on their site:

poopourri increase traffic

Yep, you read it right; a 13,000% web traffic increase.

Okay, so what could they have possibly created that achieved this gargantuan level of success?

Toilet spray that eliminates all traces of bad smells after we do our business…

Even though we have products like Febreze – or simply matches, PooPourri is incredibly innovative for their natural ingredients and practical function of “before you go” spray.

Alright, so we can check off innovation (which is essentially the life-force of products, you know, the whole reason they exist!).

Now we pass it off to the marketing team.

Alright, let’s break it down into 3 simple parts:

  • The Video
  • The Website
  • The Social

The Video

This video was directed and written by Joel Ackerman, and it has received 11 million views and counting! 

The nature of this video is pure entertainment.

Joel has focused on the humor of these relate-able real life scenarios – as absurd as they may seem – with scattered hints of promotion.

The video serves multiple purposes, such as:

  • traffic increase (because of associated links to the PooPourri site)
  • social media storm (because…umm…did you watch the video?!)
  • brand identity differentiation (instantly separates their brand from any competitior by a long shot)

The Website

PooPourri’s site is one of the best landing pages I’ve seen all year.

Let’s start at the top:

poopourri landing page


Visually remarkable and organizationally simple, there’s no questioning the expertise of PooPourri’s designers. If the video and social proof isn’t enough, we can see the 4million+ sold counter, which is a HUGE SIGNAL.

Next up, in just 2 steps, we learn how it works:

poopourri barrier


It’s fun, easy to comprehend, and flows right into authoritative social proof:

poopourri social validation


This is actually followed by more social proof (Amazon Ratings and Reviews) and leads into YouTube Reviews (below).

Aside from the homepage and the simple products categories, the site is incredibly simple. Product descriptions are short, concise, no fluff.

An important thing to note about the website is one of the tabs, “Wholesale Login” – which redirects to their wholesale product directory.

This is one of the primary contributing factors to hitting that 4 million sold count.

They’ve made their wholesale site extremely simple to navigate as well and have filtered their products into categories such as “travel” :

poopourri wholesale travel


Since the website is their essential “face of the company” we can tell they’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and thought into the development, design, and execution of every facet.

The Social

The PooPourri marketing team has done a stellar job following up with and recognizing everyone who sends them mentions/praises.

poopourri reviews

They’ve cleverly placed a display case of YouTube PooPourri reviews from a diverse set of YouTubers. This is a super-smart marketing motive and fuels a stream of social engagement.

Think about bloggers who make a living doing reviews.

They’re swarming this opportunity because they can capitalize on exposure which means more $Ads.99

The Brains of the Operation

Suzy Batiz marks the title; CEO Scentsible, LLC dba Poo~Pourri, and majored in marketing and management at Arkansas State University.

You can read a full interview with Suzy conducted by Examiner here.

Key Takeaways


Throughout the flow of the PooPourri homepage, we see the “Order Now” button 9 times.

We might think 9 times is overly redundant, but online in this fashion it’s more of a convenience factor than someone yelling “BUY NOW” in your face 9 times.

This is a rather popular organizational/conversion design practice – decorating long-form content with the same call-to-action button.

Maybe it’s just subliminal messaging, maybe it’s the convenience factor, or maybe it’s a bit of both, but this is proven to increase conversions.

Product Versatility

PooPourri has taken advantage of their viral success and incorporated additional products such as ShoePourri:

shoe pourri


We also notice the “Holiday” and “Pets” categories, signifying the Pourri company has much bigger plans than poo!

I’m sure they’re doing (or have already done) A/B testing and would love to see something like that published in the future.

Lastly, I think PooPourri has really set the stage for what constitutes outstanding marketing.

They are definitely in the same league as the DollarShaveClub and I wouldn’t be surprised if future products followed their business and marketing model.

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    • Thanks Irina, glad you enjoyed the write-up! I’m telling you, it’s product ideas like this that are going to pop up more and more. Creative and brave video content + innovative and interesting products = winning.

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  • […] How crazy are you willing to get? What are your social media limits? Are you representing a professional, suit-like brand or do you have the freedom to be awesomely hilarious like Poo-Pourri? […]

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