Why Businesses Often Steer Away From Social Media

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It’s often said that social media is the new wave for businesses, and rightfully so. What better way is there to connect with customers than on a Facebook or Twitter page? A great many organizations, though, are still weary of social media. They remain outside of the cycle that proves to benefit companies which do things right. Social sites, after all, offer a great many opportunities for building their fan base and bottom line.


Efficiency is the most sought after operational strategy, behind saving money. Communicating individually with each customer is not traditionally seen as efficient; the result is a somewhat antisocial company. When done right, social media can provide an effective way to reach all customers. This requires a cohesive plan and strategy, technology (perhaps a hosted CMS, server and more), plus the manpower to post on social websites and address the customer’s needs.

Your company may be ready to employ a more social model. Many, however, believe a more impersonal interface between the business and its customers is more effective. An automated customer service center is one example. Instead of talking to a real person, you get a recorded or computerized voice specific to the problem; this type of system often does not understand responses and frustrated customers become resentful of the company. We’re not dealing with real estate scripts which make for good presentations; it’s individual problems which need to be solved.


As soon as your company is visible on social media, it becomes wide open to comments on the satisfaction or dissent of customers. The truth is nobody wants a bad rap. One negative comment can dissuade an unknown number of prospects. A real estate coach can guide you in proper etiquette for working with home buyers. Similarly, you’ll get help dealing with common issues and even reputation management from professional social media marketers, so you can make the most out of it.

Common Misconceptions

The popular misconceptions about social media often leave businesses weary. Without looking deeper into its possibilities, it is hard to understand what social media really means for business. Going social is often seen as an art, so therefore the benefits of professional expertise go ignored.

Also, there have been many single posts which have gone viral, leading to spiraling success. This, however, is not the goal of the typical social marketing campaign. It is to reach out to prospects, customers, and the public with useful information, who are likely to find your products and services valuable. Many businesses see social media as a burden and look at it in fear. Understanding its inner workings, possibilities, and realities will help yours steer the right way and become social in today’s interconnected world.

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