5 best places to visit in the land of Seville


This article was written by a guest contributor; Chris Chiang.

Positioned on the Plain of Guadalquivir River and the sunniest European city in the magical land of Spain, Seville is a city which is elaborately speckled with medieval castles and ancient pathways, massive plazas and enthralling orange blossoms. Boasting of a rich Moorish inheritance, the capital of Andalusia is the foremost economical and service center in Spain. Visitors can take pleasure in the endless scope of opportunities of entertainment here from visiting the world class museums and art centers to cinemas, theaters and relishing the flavorsome traditional tapas in the bars and inns. Affluent with cultural customs and great architectural feats, Seville has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Although Seville prides itself on being home to many iconic landmarks and intriguing places, 5 of the best places that just shouldn’t be missed when visiting Seville are:

Seville cathedral:                                                                                    

Better acknowledged as the Church of Santa Maria de la Sede, this historical church enjoys the echelon of being the largest European church and being the third most well-known church of the world. Abounding in rich architecture and a substantiation of olden times, this church is an inducement for many visitors to come and be captivated by the mammoth gold and silver altars that are scattered in the church and the spectacular organs that rise to the ceiling. Visitors are also fascinated by the final resting place of Christopher Columbus and can also enjoy an eagle’s view of the Seville city by climbing up to the Geralda Tower.

The royal Alcazar:

Originally serving as a Moorish fortress, Alcazar has been transformed into a royal palace and prides itself on being the dwelling of the King and Queen of Spain when they visit this magical city. The ceiling of the palace is heavily ornamented in a manner to create a sense of awe and wonderment in the onlookers and the walls are festooned with amazing tile patterns. The lush garden of Alcazar exhibits an impressive collection of fountains and sculptures and proffers a relaxing yet stimulating stroll through the grounds.

Plaza de Espana:

Located within the boundaries of Maria Louisa Park in Seville, the plaza has been erected in a semicircular fashion, is colossal and has recently undergone renovation. One of the most majestic and enthralling squares in all of Spain; this massive plaza has a gigantic palace as its backdrop. The plaza with its fountains and mini canals ensures a tranquil and peaceful setting.

Torre del Oro:

Torre del Oro or better known as the Tower of Gold was built in 1922 to protect the city’s port and remains one of the most photographed iconic symbols of Seville. The tower also served as a prison in olden times. This historical marker has suffered the desolation of time with pliability and toughness and now is home to local maritime museum.

Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla:

One of the ancient bullrings in Spain, this plaza is regarded as being an important landmark because of its historical and cultural significance. This plaza prides itself on holding the position of being the most prominent bullfighting sites during the annual festival held in Seville. The ring is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Seville due to the adrenaline pumping and spine tingling bullfighting sport that is organized within its vicinity. Besides witnessing a real and unforgiving bullfight, tourists can also explore the arena and its small museum.

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