17 Best Inbound Marketing Blogs 2013

best inbound marketing blogs

Whether you prefer to call it inbound marketing, permission marketing, content marketing, or even “New SEO” – the disciplines of internet marketing are undeniably fluid.

The Wikipedia definition of inbound marketing is:

inbound marketing definition

Essentially, inbound marketing is another way of saying, “Let’s think of customers and potential customers as friends and potential friends.”

We’re trying to;

  • impress them
  • make them laugh
  • inspire them
  • challenge them
  • reward them
  • provoke them
  • guide them
  • support them
  • involve them

In our cyber world, achieving these tasks is streamlined by the nature of social networks and blogs.

add buddy

Regardless of being a brand or persona, our goal is to be seen as a source.

Something people can rely on with their expectations for our niche content.

The following inbound marketing blogs are my personal favorites, for two main reasons:

  1. They consistently create top internet marketing content
  2. As a blog, they are live examples of how to achieve inbound marketing success

It’s a bit circular, how the greatest inbound marketing blogs are, in themselves, the best examples of inbound marketing.

At any rate, here they are:

The 17 Best Inbound Marketing Blogs of 2013

  1. Viper Chill
  2. Hubspot’s Blog
  3. Copy Blogger
  4. Jeff Bullas
  5. Social Media Examiner
  6. Seth Godin’s Blog
  7. Jacob King’s Blog
  8. Nick Eubanks’s Blog
  9. Quick Sprout Blog
  10. Moz Blog
  11. Chris Dyson’s Blog
  12. Jonathon Colman’s Blog
  13. Jon Cooper’s Blog
  14. Matthew Woodward’s Blog
  15. Distilled’s Blog
  16. Darren Rowse’s Blog
  17. Content Marketing Institute

In addition to the main content of these 17 inbound marketing blogs, I’d like to point out that sometimes I’ve found the best information in their comment sections. It’s always great to see an author jump in the conversation and respond to any challenging statements, because ultimately the result is of higher quality. Their points and suggestions have been put in the spotlight and this adds just enough substance to the article to make it worth bookmarking.

The web has evolved to the point where new social media tools, networks, platforms, marketing strategies, and types of media are created every day.


Our strategic communication efforts must focus simultaneously benefit the end user in some fashion while gently promoting a product or message. Think about when you go shopping for products and you narrow it down to two options. One option has all the basic details; description, specs, photos; while the second option has all the basic criteria plus an instructional video and customer reviews.

Victor, a pest control company with eCommerce has precisely achieved this by accompanying their products with instructional videos, such as how to kill rats.

But this is just one small piece of the larger inbound marketing puzzle. Finding and putting together all of the pieces is what separates a good inbound marketing strategy from a poor one.

While it would be impressive if one website could cover everything while sustaining benefits to readers, we actually receive more benefit from having a variety of blogs with their unique experiences and views.

Again, in my opinion, these are the best inbound marketing blogs of 2013; however, you’ll surely have your favorites – so please share them below :)

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