8 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bills

If you’re at all concerned about the environment, you’ve probably tried to reign in the amount of waste you produce by choosing products with green packaging and recycling everything that you can. But there’s another great way to help the Earth, as well as your wallet: Cut down on your consumption of resources such as electricity, heat and water. Try at least one of these ways to reduce your utility bills and enjoy the benefits of saving.

Here are eight tips on how to reduce your use of these essential items. By implementing these tips, you’ll enjoy the side benefit of significantly reducing your utility bills, and whether you’re a supplemental security income lawyer or a paralegal for a firm of mental health lawyers, we all want to save money.

1. Buy a Rainwater Barrel

Water is a truly miraculous resource; it’s always falling out of the sky. Instead of just letting that water fall wastefully by the wayside, buy a rainwater barrel and place it below a drainage spot. After just a few showers, you’ll have enough to water the plants and wash your car without ever turning on the hose.

2. Collect Your Bathwater

This task isn’t for the faint of heart, but some people actually use their leftover bathwater to water their plants. Grab a bucket after you’ve bathed and haul the water outside.

3. Unplug Unnecessary Cords

Like a vampire feeding on a slumbering companion, plugged-in devices suck up energy even when they’re not turned on. Make sure to not just turn them off, but also unplug things like TVs and computers after you’re done watching them or surfing the web for the night.

4. Don’t Leave Chargers Plugged In

By that same token, unplug device chargers when they’re not in use. There’s no reason for your cell phone cord to be adding money to your electric bill when the phone’s already been charged.

5. Install a Faucet Aerator

You can screw this device onto the bottom of a faucet to cut back on water flow, using less water in the process. (Many newer faucets have one built in, so double check first.)

6. Use Small Appliances, Not Large

It takes less energy to heat a toaster than an oven. Stick to smaller appliances (like a slow cooker instead of an oven range) whenever possible.

7. Replace Your Filters

In the humidifier, the vacuum, the oven hood, the furnace – wherever you have filters, make sure you have a nice clean one that’s not sucking up extra energy.

8. Clean Your Refrigerator

Not the inside (although that can get pretty nasty) but the outside. Dust off the condenser coils, fins, evaporator pan and motor twice every year so that it runs smoother and sucks up less electricity.


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