Top 7 Scary Video Games Online

top 7 scary video games online

Looking for some scary games to play online? You’ve come to the right place.

The following are 7 free-to-play scary video games. From zombies and ghosts to mystery and adventure, these games will satisfy your undead cravings.

1. Purgatorium

Halloween is nearing…

This game is relatively short and simple (point-and-click) but it offers a nice blend of scary images and narrative. Unlike some of the more puzzle-craft games where we literally have no idea what’s going on, Purgatorium is easy enough to navigate ourselves without outside help.

Author description (Ben Leffler): Ok… this is an extremely short game which Jay Bibby from asked me to whip up in a week for his website to celebrate this Halloween just past. It’s nothing special, VERY vague on story and kind of pointless in hindsight… It’s just a cheap and nasty little flash designed in the spirit of halloween. So take it on face value that this was never designed to blow anyone’s socks off… I’ll leave that up to Exmortis 3 in 2007… 😉 Happy Halloween you sicko’s!

2. Desolation 2

A one of a kind zombie killer thriller! Desolation 2 is full of zombies, which we must of course, eliminate. Also, we are tasked with finding a cure to, you know, save the world.

We all know this plot, but the gameplay might be something you weren’t expecting…try it out!

Author description (Gamefree): Desolation 2 is a shooting game on in which your mission is to get out of a dangerous house. There is a map on your left, take it for reference if necessary. As you are exploring your way, you may find items such as chain cutter, key, note which tells you the code, etc, pick them up and use them in proper time. If you meet any zombies, kill them without hesitation. Good luck!

3. The House 2

This is the sequel to the popular “The House” – known for it’s bone-chilling point-and-click journey. The House 2 rekindles the nostalgic scary video game elements.

Start by entering an abandoned house, where terrible, terrible things have happened…

Author description (Sinthai Boonmaitree): The legend has it that there is a house in a small town that has been closed and left empty for decades. The house belonged to a wealthy family. But then, one day, all family members committed suicide. From that time, the neighbors have closed the house for good as they believe that the house is cursed. 

4. Never Ending Light

Never Ending Light is definitely one of the scary video games you’ll want to set aside a dark and lonely night to play.

You’re grim tale begins in horror and isolation, after your caving group is…well…you can guess what happens to them.

The graphics and gameplay are actually pretty sweet too!

Author description (Mr_Jiggmin): A guided tour goes horribly wrong when everyone gets eaten by monsters!

5. Goliath the Soothsayer

Demons, puzzles, misfortune…what more could ask for?

Ben Leffler again with a puzzling, scary adventure – hold on to your soul! (if you can)

6. Exmortis 2

Did I mention Ben Leffler yet?

The also popular Exmortis series is an addicting mystery horror you just can’t live without (okay, my puns are getting old).

Many fans and the author himself suggest playing the first installment (just “Exmortis”) before touching the second. (Exmortis 3 is the most recent installment)

7. Ghostscape 2 – The Cabin

Author: Psionic

Why do we always investigate the things we should 100% stay 1 million miles away from? Because YOLO! Well, actually, you live as many times as you want in the online video game world.

In this adventure scare, we get the bright idea to check out a spooky cabin in the woods…

And then we learn something…


You’ll have to figure it out for yourself  :)


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