3 Hashtag Tools That Rock

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Are you on Twitter?


Do you have followers?


Do you want more followers? Do you want to target specific users? Do you wish you could make strategic use of Twitter? Do you like tools?

Check. Yes! Yep. Most definitely.

Well then, I have a good news! I’ve went through and reviewed 3 pretty sweet hashtag tools, complete with screenshots, tips, and some practical takeaways.

Check it out 😀


The founder, Dan Mazzini, mentioned his awesome tool in the comments of my 10 Powerful Social Media Tools post. I promised to check it out and here I am, writing about its awesomeness!

Okay, let’s get started.

Simply enter a hashtag keyword into the search bar. For this example I used “#smm”:

smm search

And hit enter!

In < a second we get a top 10 related hashtags diagram:

hashtagify smm related

We can also see the top influencers using this hashtag!

The circle at the high end of the Y axis is…drum roll…Jeff Bullas!

hashtagify smm influencers

So why is this useful? 

We can log a list of the top influencers using hashtags most related to our industry, market, or campaign. Then we can individually reach out to each of those influencers to develop relationships to help influence our goals!

Similar to Topsy, we can see exactly what people are currently tweeting with the designated hashtag. We get  the top recent tweets – pretty self-explanatory, and pretty sweet.

hashtagify top recent tweets

This is very useful for social listening strategies, or even coming up with content ideas. We can use this asset to compile resources for an article we’re working on or to monitor the success of a hashtag campaign.

Hashtagify.me is definitely worth checking out.


Up next is Tweetbinder! Aesthetically pleasing and functionally simple, Tweetbinder makes it super-easy to analyze the tweet-sphere for any hashtag you enter.

Again, for this example, I used “#smm”

tweetbinder search

Simply hit enter:

tweet binder in progress

It has a nice little conversation with Twitter. For this example, my search was a very common one, so this tested the full-length loading time.

It took about 20-30 seconds for the full search to run, which is pretty fast considering the amount of data.

tweet binder report

Sweet! 1,998 tweets were found. I just continued with the 1,998 tweets to show you guys what the report looks like. But as you can see, we have the option to purchase a “Pro” report for $20 bucks.

tweet binder full report

I really love Tweetbinder’s organizational functions. We can separate tweets into “binders” (hence “tweetbinder“) and segment tweets with our hashtag search by content types (such as having images attached).

So why is this useful?

In addition to the practical “Suggested Terms” display, we have access to the anatomy of a global hashtag world. 

That sounds…interesting.

Well it is.

  • We can sift through conversations using our hashtag query, giving us a full-breadth of social listening data.
  • We can record which tweets were most sucessful based on retweets. This gives us a strong idea of which influencer will use the hashtag query, and which types of content pair well with this hashtag query.
  • We can also see the associated images and links, which signals content preferences for  the hashtag query.

The most important aspect, as previously mentioned, is that we can organize all of this information into binders.

So if social listening is part of your routine, definitely check out Tweetbinder, one of the best hashtag tools I’ve come across.

Tweet Category

Alright, shifting away from hashtag tools on your desktop, we have arrived at Tweet Category, a Twitter analyitcs and hashtag monitoring APP!


Break out your tablets and smart devices, because Tweet Category stands its ground in the realm of hashtag tools. It does cost $1, but let’s be real, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to most social marketing tools.

As one of the most data-centric hashtag tools I’ve seen, we have more than enough data for social listening and marketing:

  • Complete statistics for each hashtag: users influence, engagement, rankings, impact, reach and much more
  • Classification manual tweets: Choose the tweets you want to sort and move them into the category
  • Creation of automatic categories: all tweets with a certain word elected will be classified automatically, which will save an incredible amount of time
  • Automatically sort noise-tweets of a hashtag: Check-ins, Conversations, Photos, Links and RTs. Tweet Category automatically saves all tweets containing any of these parameters into different categories
  • Other features include: custom reporting that comes in a nice PDF, highlighting tweets in simple colors, and more

This app is extremely useful for determining hashtag value and pooling together tweet-data for easy-to-digest analytics.

Speaking of “hashtag value” …

[begins rant]

3 years ago marked the dawn of assigning monetary value to what we once (and still) consider to be “free internet points”.


3 cents per like

linkedin button

10 cents per click

tweet button

1 cent per tweet

As social interactions become monetized and assigned bulk value (think “500 Facebook likes for $10″) is their value actually decreasing? Hmm…that would be a good future post topic!

Okay, rant over.

Regardless of the monetary value of a tweet, there are communicative values – signals about our demo-graphics and psycho-graphics:

  • what we LIKE and DISLIKE
  • what we SHARE
  • WHERE we shop
  • WHO we BUY from
  • our FAVORITE anythings

And what’s the easiest way for us to label all of these things?




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