10 Songs Guaranteed to Wake You Up!


 10 songs

You read it right – “GUARANTEED to wake you up!”.And if they don’t wake you up, you get your money back!….Just kidding. But while I’ve got your attention, check out some of the songs below. Forget about waking up at the gym or the workout pool. I can guarantee you haven’t heard all of these. In fact, I’m certain at least one of these songs will become a new favorite for you. This is a pretty diverse collection, carefully handpicked to give you a morning variety like nothing you’ve ever experienced. And if you have experienced something this incredible, well, hats off to you good sir/madam.


1) The Go! Team – Everyone’s a VIP to Someone

You’re probably thinking, “Who are these guys?!?” Don’t worry, the first time I heard the unique sounds of the Go! Team, my mind was blown as well. In all seriousness, the mixing and selective sampling really makes the Go! Team stand out from similar bands…although, what other bands do you know that blend indie rock, hip-hop beats, and Bollywood soundtracks?

2) System of a Down – Chop Suey

CAUTION! LOWER YOUR VOLUME!…(or don’t).  System will surely rock the morning daze straight out of you. I know System is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Chop Suey is a track that really invigorates the body. If System is too much mind-blowing for you to handle, this next track will be your go-to, mellow morning jam.

3) Smash Mouth – Pacific Coast Party

Oh snap. I just brought back some good old memories didn’t I? While I’m not a fan of “All Star”, “Pacific Coast Party” remains to be one of the coolest morning jams out there. While we’re getting into dance mode, allow me to introduce some funk into your early lineup.

4) Earth, Wind, And Fire – September

There will be no Eye of the Tiger.

There will be no Journey.

There will be no Adele, Madonna, or U2.

There will, in all their majesty, be EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE.

5) Eve 6 – Inside Out

I’m tripping you up aren’t I? First there was some band you’ve never heard of, then the hard-rockin System of a Down, followed by a mellow Smash Mouth hit and EW&F jam. Now we’re hearing Eve 6??? Swallow all your doubts and just enjoy this musical journey.

6) Citizen Cope – Son’s Gonna Rise

Here’s the curve ball, perfect for those mornings where you want to gradually wake up on the morning ride, slowly nodding your head and chanting along. Son’s Gonna Rise seems like a forgotten gem, but here it is, back in your life and glimmering bright.

7) Protomen – Light Up The Night

This is the one band you’ve never heard of, that you’ve been missing out on all these years, until now. Yes, now that I have introduced you to the awe and glory of video-game-esque Protomen, your mornings will consist of words and phrases including, but not limited to, “EPIC!”, “SOOO EPIC!!”, “OMG THIS IS INCREDIBLY EPIC!!!” You may feel compelled to do crazy things with this new rush of confidence, but I am not responsible for any actions you take. Be responsible citizens when tapping into the power of the Protomen.

8) The Bridge – Rosie

By george I’ve done it. I have introduced you to not one, but two bands you’ve never heard of, that will dramatically change your life from here on out. How is this possible? Who knows!? What matters, is that you now have access to one of the greatest bluegrassy-funky-jam bands in America. Unfortunately they parted ways last year, but their feel-good rhythms are alive and well!

9) Save Ferris – Come on Eileen

You’ll feel good. You’ll want to dance. But most importantly, you’ll be awake! Come on Eileen is a classic that will be stuck in your head after the first play.

10) Big and Rich – (Save a Horse) Ride a Cowboy

Do you even have to ask? If the previous nine tracks have kept you groggy, go ahead, save a horse and get your day thumpin with Big and Rich. That makes 10 for 10 songs guaranteed to wake you up.

A more fitting title may have been “10 unexpected songs that have a pretty good chance at waking you up in the morning, granted, you have an open mind and can get down with some funk.” Maybe that will be the title of my next post…


Have any other songs to add to this list? I bet you do. Feel free to post them in the comments. If enough people adds songs I’ll make a new post featuring all your picks and credit each of you.

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