10 Powerful Social Media Tools

Social media tools to rule the web!social media

1. Hootsuite

  • Hootsuite is one of the top dogs when it comes to social media tools. Sign up for free to try it out. In a nutshell, Hootsuite is an excellent social media planner. We can schedule Facebook posts and tweets, simultaneously managing various social media accounts, and track results with the power of Bit.ly.
  • Free version:  We can enable 5 social profiles, receive basic analytics reports, schedule messages, unlimited apps, and 2 rss/atom feeds.
  • Paying: Enables 50 social profiles along with dozens of additional features.

2. Triberr

  • An essential tool for bloggers specifically, Triberr fosters communities around niche topics and connects us with blogging opportunities. It can be a confusing place at first, so here are some basic starting tips:
    • Sing up for free and start following “tribes” (simply categories).
    • Share relevant content such as your blog posts or others.
    • Continuously share content and comment on the content you truly love
    • Gradually build relationships and get your content shared
    • There is even a dedicated forum section for guest posting

3. Dlvr.it

  • Sharing content should be seamless. Dlvr.it allows us to connect our blog to every social media account. After doing this, we set filters and apply our posting preferences. Once this step is completed, every future blog post will automatically be shared on our social media accounts.
  • The free version lets us share to only one account, while upgrading to Pro gives us more options.

4. SocialBro

  • One of the most excellent Twitter tools around, SocialBro allows us to:
    • Scrape data from our followers
    • Identify the best times to tweet
    • Gain audience insights
    • Target opinion leaders
    • Analyze competitors
    • Segment and organize communities with integrated tracking features

5. SafeLinks

  • Currently in Beta stage, SafeLinks makes it easy to keep a healthy link profile. Whenever we post a link on a social network we usually forget about it within a few hours. SafeLinks notifies us whenever links break – simple. Keep an eye out and bookmark SafeLinks.

6. Everpost

  • Similar to Google Reader (now Feedly) and other content aggregation systems, Everpost presents an aesthetically pleasing layout with simple navigation.  Sign up for a free trial account and select topics that interest you. Browse through the content you like and schedule to post it on your integrated social media accounts.

7. aWeber

  • One of the sleekest email marketing solutions to date, aWeber makes it easy to blast listservs and increases conversion rates with an excellent CMS.
  • We can try it out for $1 for the first month. After that the going rate is $19/month.
  • Some of the features include:
    • Professional content management system
    • Follow up auto-response system
    • Over 150 beautiful HTML email templates

8. Topsy

  • Cure writers-block disease with Topsy. When we have a niche topic to write about, type the topic into the Tospy search bar and find out what’s hot based on Twitter or Google Plus. Topsy is also useful to see what people are saying about certain topics.

9. Bitly

  • Social media campaigns are diminished when we are unable to track the progress and success of content and promotional strategies. Bitly allows us to create a shortlink for those ugly, long links – for free. With this short link, we can track how many times it gets shared and simultaneously promote the link on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Some tips for Bitly:
    • Test different link building strategies by creating separate bit.ly’s for the same original link.
    • Integrate Bitly’s open public API to create custom tools specific to your needs
    • Compare your link traffic from Bitly’s created on other tools such as Hootsuite by simply importing them

10. Likealyzer

  • Have a Facebook page? Simply enter the URL into LikeAlyzer search bar and let the magic happen. This tool will measure and analyze Facebook pages.  Some cool things about Likealyzer:
    • It’s free
    • Provides daily statistics
    • Offers tips/advice on how to improve Facebook pages
    • Helps maintain social activity & engagement

Do you have any great social media tools to add? Have a question or comment? Post them below!




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Jesse Aaron

I'm a blogger, homebrewer, and community manager. Aside from writing, I have a passion for music and design.

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  • Hi Jesse! Thanks for the list. I’m checking out Likealyzer now – it’s really neat.

    Have you tried Wisemetrics? Not sure it will make your list but you might find it useful to check out.

    btw – found your blog through Triberr so that one gets my vote too.

    • Thanks Ileane! It’s an honor to have you here and it’s nice to meet you 😀
      BasicBlogTips is on my Feedly reader!

      And yea, I agree – Likealyzer is a sweet tool.

      Wisemetrics seems awesome! They have Axe as a customer and they’re still in beta? That’s impressive, I’m bookmarking them now.

      Thanks for stopping by Ileane!

    • Hi Jesse!

      Just wanted to drop a comment and thank you for including our tool in your great list of social media tools. We are constantly updating our service and you will see more awesome features from us in the future. :)
      If you have any questions or feedback on our service, feel free to drop a mail to me at robert.andersson@meltwater.com.
      Have a great weekend!

      / Robert, the founder of LikeAlyzer.com

      • Hey Robert, It’s awesome to have you here!
        I loved the simplicity of LikeAlyzer and think you guys are destined for great things :)

  • Nice post! Haven’t heard of a few of these.

    We also built a neat tool @ http://www.usechisel.com

    It allows you to turn text into an image & share it on social networks without needing to know how to design or code. Things like tips, inspirational messages, etc. using photos we provide or your own. It’s still in the early stages but our early members have been experimenting and using it to engage their audiences on social media platforms.

    • Hey Joe, thanks for stopping by – I’m glad you liked the post!
      I just checked out UseChisel – awesome idea! Some quick suggestions from my experience: the process of creating a photo is very simple and easy; however, I think it would benefit users to be able to alter the photo and text seamlessly (not be limited by doing text first, then photo). Also some more customization such as font color would be pretty awesome 😀 I know it’s still in early stages, hope this helps! Good luck with everything Joe!

      • Thanks Jesse! Do you mean being able to add text or choose photo, i.e. not being constrained to only doing one before the other?

        Thanks for the tip, we are experimenting a lot with how best to allow customization, let me know if you have any other ideas. We are trying our best to build and test different ideas while still keeping a simple UI/UX

        • Yep! (the not being constrained to only do one before the other) – so we’d be able to alter any part of it at any point. Looking forward to seeing UseChisel evolve 😀

  • Hey Dan – thanks for the comment – Triberr is definitely an awesome tool – it’s the reason Ileane found my blog :)

    Hashtagify.me looks awesome Dan – I’ve marked it down for a future post on social media tools :)

  • Thanks for sharing. I’m a huge fan of Topsy! Not only do I get to learn what the latest trends are about a specific niche but it’s an awesome way to get ideas on which article I should be writing about.

    • Hey Spook! Nice to have you drop in. Topsy has helped me more times than I can remember. I especially like their analytics tool. While opening Google Analytics can give me the same results – Topsy’s analytics are nice for “proving your value” on other sites, say, with a guest contribution. Cheers!

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