The Social Media Hacker’s Guide to Creating Targeted Audience Groups

Take out your corncob pipes, herringbone caps, and pea coats – it’s time to tap into our inner social media Sherlock. In this guide we’ll cover five mediums we can utilize for creating targeted audience groups. Not only will we have penta-segments, but a surplus of relevant promotion targets for content marketing. Let’s jump in. [...]

10 Songs to Help You Focus and Write

Music is a curious part of our culture. It’s embedded into our physical life and our digital life. When we work out, wake up, try to sleep, get married, celebrate holidays, or even just sip coffee, we have a soundtrack that fits. Here are 10 hand-picked songs to write to, focus, and get your tedious/busy [...]

5 Reasons the Pillars of SEO Will Never Fall

As someone even remotely related to the SEO industry, you know that trends come and go. Some ways to effectively drive and boost traffic may work one day and fail the next. Some things that attract search engines under one model might be detrimental in the next. You’ve probably also heard SEO as a whole [...]