25 Vital Facebook Stats for Social Media Marketers

Facebook is a massive social networking platform that reaches into nearly every aspect of users’ online and offline lives. This networking giant acquires businesses that offer features it doesn’t currently have, and is constantly morphing into something that transcends social media. When you think online marketing, it’s nearly impossible to miss Facebook. In fact, many [...]

The Last 3: Social Media Post Benchmarks

There are many different ways to approach a Facebook post. A company may make it informational, offering times and dates for upcoming events. Or it could be solicitous, asking fans’ opinions about this or that aspect of a particular industry. Sometimes, it’s even outrageous, with a crazy picture or funny story that’s designed to draw [...]

3 New Strides in Social Media Advertising

Although Facebook seems to garner the lion’s share of talk when it comes to social media advertising, the major player isn’t the only game in town. Those seeking to market their own products and services, or others’ brands, are starting to see opportunities in other social media channels. This is causing a major switch in [...]

The Highest Converting Images to Use on Social Media Networks

You’ve done everything you can think of to boost your conversion rate via social media, or at least that’s what you think. You follow all the social networking best practices, you post at the optimal times, and you follow back everyone who follows you. But are you using the right pictures? I hate to be [...]